If you want to become a member of Geek's Home, please fill out this form and send it to us (unfrtunately the form is only avaiilable in German at the moment):



As a member you have to acknowledge our constitution (again this is just available in German at the moment):



Membership information in a nutshell:

Membership costs 60 Euros per year. If you can and want to pay more, you're welcome to do so.


As a member you have the following advantages:

- complete access to our collection of Hardware, Software and machines and Library.

- free admission to our meetings and reduced admission fees for our events, conferences and workshops.


As a member you are always welcome to actively help us in any way, but it's not a must.

If you want to know more about Geek's Home and the Geek memebers, visit us on one of our events or contact us here so we can arrange a guided tour.